About Us

Indaloenhle environmental consulting is a black female owned consultants that is multi-disciplinary in environmental management . Indaloenhle has been based in Kwa Zulu-Natal since 2014. As Indaloenhle we realised the need for a service that provides an effective solution to the issues that face many public and private sector clients with a purpose to providing professional consulting services in ecological and natural sciences. Indaloenhle strives towards achieving the concept of sustainable development by implementing the principles of Integrated Environmental Management. The business as it stands todays consists of young individuals committed to excellence in their sphere of expertise. Effective environmental management aims to ensure that ecosystem services and biodiversity are protected and maintained for equitable use by future
human generations, and also, maintain ecosystem integrity as an end in itself by taking into consideration ethical, economic, and scientific (ecological) variables.

We see ourselves as forward thinking environmental group of environmental professionals with the relevant skills to match.

Company Overview

Indaloenhle is an independent environmental consulting practice which provides a professional service and seeks solutions for all our clients. Our qualified consultants provide objective support on all matters related to the environment and are all leading specialists in the fields of environmental planning, assessment, and management. Our team’s clear vision and core values allow Indaloenhle to continually deliver the highest quality of service and value to our clients across all of our consulting engagements

We have a dedicated team of highly competent professionals who apply best practise in the environmental, safety and water services. Through strategic partnership with other emerging consultancies we are able to offer a complete suite of specialist environmental services. We are committed to developing solutions that accommodate continuing growth through research, innovation and a firm commitment to deliver value added services that protect people and improve environment. The company was inspired by the need for proactive and effective management of environmental aspects to achieve the best solution to our clients and

Our experience

Environmental impact assessment services 100%
Water use license and General Authorisation 100%
Mining Services 100%
Environmental monitoring and reporting services 100%
Terrestrial Ecological Services 100%
Integrated management plan for world
heritage sites and national parks 100%

Our Clients

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